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Iraq and WAR (Warhammer Online that is)

Well I am still in Iraq taking care of soldiers, marines,  and airmen until about January 1st.  The only face time I have had with WAR was 2 weeks of the Closed/Open Beta and than about 8 hours launch day.  It sucks cause other soldiers can play WoW with the crappy wireless signal they have here, however I can’t even get on the WAR Login Server.  Probably a good thing cause the lag in any of the RvR areas would be substantial and I would be no help to my teammates.

I have been following all the blogs and news here, well whatever the government doesn’t block.  My guild, HARM , on Dark Crag has organized the Destruction side of the server well and they have made great progress. The other day they almost took down Reikwald fortress but the server magically blew up within a few seconds of finishing it.  They are accomplishing this with a server Destruction website called Dark Crag HQ, it is a great way for the Destruction community on Dark Crag to come together and it’s truly what this game is about.  The social dynamics, planning and strategy needed for a server side to succeed in a T-4 attack is substantial.  A bunch of PUG groups assaulting will NEVER be able to pull off a city raid, or even get close, without a bug or two.  I believe the character transfers from low-pop servers to higher-pop servers was a great step by Mythic to get large communities started on servers.  This game was never meant to be beat by some 2-3 warband PUGs coming together on the off hours and taking some keeps down.   Also, with the recent migration from WAR back to WoW I think we are going to see even more server switches come into effect.

Many people are judging WAR from their game experience that never even left T-2, or barely broke into T-3, that would be like judging WoW and never getting past Scarlet Monastery.   The game developers have been the most responsive out of any MMO I have ever had the pleasure of playing.  The hotfix’s are @2 times a week and the major patches are in the pipeline.  Everyone needs to stop comparing a game that has been out 2 months to others that have been out years.  Also, some of those other games still have balance and game mechanic issues, and on release no game was even as close to as complete as WAR has shown to be.

Zone control is hard for people to understand and has been a big gripe on the internet for weeks, however with the public explanation by Mythic I hope players can get organized and make huge efforts to wage great battles in WAR.

Well back to reading the INERD, and counting the days left, 44, till I can get home and play with my Squig Herder.

Dark Crag

HARM Guild Enlist Today

HARM Guild Enlist Today